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Please contact our representative for Slovakia:

Hidrostal Bohemia s.r.o.
Pražská 462
252 29 Lety u Dobřichovic
Czech Republic

+420 226 804 411


Hidrostal Bohemia s.r.o.

Experts in pump technology in Central Europe

The Hidrostal hydraulic pumps with a centrifugal screw impeller are available in both immersion and dry versions. Both of these types can be offered for both horizontal and vertical installation. In addition, Hidrostal offers submersible pumps with internal oil cooling to allow continuous operation in a dry sump.

Thanks to a continuous development, we offer innovative FreeFlow technology that maximizes operational reliability of the Hidrostal pumps in fluids with a high content of solid and fibrous .

The unique Prerostal system is designed for automatic flow control and cleaning of tanks from floating dirt and sediments without any additional electronics and mechanization such as frequency inverter, agitator, crusher or rake.

Our energy-efficient products are used in many fields of environmental engineering, from food industry to chemical industry.

Hidrostal provides you with rentals of our submersible high-capacity pumps as well as the Heber2000 diesel or low-energy pumps to solve your short-term and long-term needs.

Our pump specialists in both the service and the sales departments are always pleased to advise you on interpretation and on potential application issues. Our partners can rely on us due to our fast and quality service. We go with practical and innovative ways and offer the right solutions.

Advices and Sales
Phone: +420 226 804 411

Service and Spare Parts
Phone: +420 226 804 412

Phone: +420 733 715 223

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