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IOOO Hidrostal Bel
Pushkinskaja Str. 16/1,
office 515b
224005 Brest

+375 162 53 41 12


About Hidrostal Belarus

History and Company Profile

The company known as IOOO Hidrostal Bel was founded in the city of Brest, Belarus in 2007. As a subsidiary of the German-based Hidrostal Pumpenbau GmbH, the company began its operations with a workforce of two employees.
The company’s founding corresponds to a time of intense development for our country’s commercial sector. This development includes the introduction of new pump systems and equipment. The company’s business development began to solidify in 2009, as prospective customers gradually came to appreciate the quality of our pumps. In 2011, our workforce was increased to four employees. In 2016, we successfully expanded our range of services to include pump maintenance and repair. Market conditions have not always been favourable in Belarus. This has had an impact on our business development. However, despite fierce competition, Hidrostal Bel has succeeded in establishing Hidrostal screw centrifugal pumps on the Belarussian market. The company has grown successively over the years and is now active throughout the country.

Our employees have participated successfully in training programmes in Germany, and are highly qualified. Today, the company sells Hidrostal pumps and equipment. The scope of its business activities also includes maintenance and repair services, which we have offered ever since we began to rent a small workshop in Brest and outfitted it with the technical equipment we need. Beyond this, we also support our customers with our know-how and experience when it comes to the selection of pumps and equipment. We work together successfully with project institutes and consult project managers engaged in the planning of new pumping stations and the modernisation of old pumping stations.
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