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Hidrostal Austria GmbH
Dieselstraße 1a
3362 Amstetten / Mauer

+43 7472 28346


About Hidrostal Austria

Hidrostal Pumps and Technology

Hidrostal Pumps with screwcentrifugal impeller are available as end suction pumps and submersible pumps. Both types can be delivered for horizontal and vertical installation. In addition Hidrostal offers immersible pumps with internal oil cooling, that are suitable for dry installation.

By adding the SharkFin and JetDisk, the innovative FreeFlow-Technology increases the benefits of the Hidrostal hydraulic characteristics and improves the reliability of your pump installations. FreeFlow-Technology is ideal for pumping liquids with high solids content and containing large amounts of fibrous material. Hidrostal Prerostal-System as method of matching pump outflow to pump station inflow without the need for additional flow control or additional electrical equipment such as inverter. Moreover, it is a highly effective sump cleaning system without the need for any additional mechanical or electrical items, such as grinders, bar screens or mixers.

Pump experts
Continuously we meet the challenge of our partners – water boards, cities, engineering companies, plant manufacturers- und industrial companies. Our partners can rely on us. Together we step towards practical, innovative and suitable solutions.

Our pump experts give support in pump design and assist by answering questions for possible applications.

For initial information about our product you may also use our PumpSelector

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Service and Repair
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History of Hidrostal Austria GmbH

Hidrostal pumps are working successfully in Austria since the late 1960s. Hidrostal Austria GmbH was founded in 2017 and is a daughter company of the internationally acting Swiss group Hidrostal Holding AG. Our energy efficient products are used in numerous municipal and industrial sectors. We are known for our exellent quality and the high technical performance of our pumping systems.

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Hidrostal Austria GmbH
Dieselstraße 1a
3362 Amstetten/Mauer

Tel. +43 (0) 7472 28346
Fax: +43 (0) 7472 28346 25


Geschäftsführer: DI Gerd Preissler, Ing. Mag. (FH) Andreas Schmidel, MBA

Firmenbuchgericht: Salzburg
Firmenbuchnummer: FN 47 15 62 z
UID Nr.: ATU 72443439

Hidrostal Holding AG
Gigering 27
8213 Neunkirch

Phone: +41 52 687 06 87

TAX No. VAT 737 447

Hidrostal Holding AG
Geschäftsführer: DI Gerd Preissler

The Code of Conduct of the Hidrostal Group you can find on the start menu under About Hidrostal.

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