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About Hidrostal

For over 60 years, Hidrostal has manufactured high-quality, low-maintenance pumps - from small, portable pumps for construction sites and flooded basements to ten-tonne waste water and thick matter pumps. At Hidrostal, we are committed to a high level of vertical integration and energy-efficient solutions. We supply special technically advanced products for a variety of industries and applications. By choosing a Hidrostal pump, you are opting for the best long-term solution.

Your Partner for Pump Solutions

We have in-depth experience manufacturing high-quality pumps. For over 60 years, we have supplied pump systems to all branches of industry and other sectors with a focus of our work in the area of wastewater. We are committed to developing new products as well as adapting existing products to the respective usage location. In so doing, we ensure that our customers benefit from a long service life as well as the outstanding energy efficiency of our pumps.

Hidrostal Locations

The Hidrostal Group has grown continually over the last 60 years and has a holding structure with headquarters in Neunkirch, Switzerland.

Hidrostal manufactures pumps and parts in Switzerland, Hungary, England, China and Peru and operates its own foundries in Switzerland, Poland and Peru.

Hidrostal has its own distribution companies in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Peru, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, the USA and other countries.

The distribution companies serve customers in the local markets. They provide tailored solutions, technical assistance, service and maintenance. Hidrostal employs certified technical specialists, who have extensive experience configuring pumps and who take the unique operating conditions at the installation site into consideration. Depending on needs, the Hidrostal distribution companies supply individual pumps, spare parts as well as complete solutions including control units, fittings, pipes; they also handle assembly.

In addition to its own distribution companies, Hidrostal also has a network of long-standing distribution partners, who distribute the Hidrostal products in select markets

Hidrostal Values


Since Martin Stähle founded it in Peru back in 1957, Hidrostal has been an independently operating, owner-run company. At Hidrostal, we’ve always believed that being independent is the best prerequisite for reaching our own goals and that financing ourselves forms the basis for independence. Our independence allows us to make free entrepreneurial decisions for the benefit of our customers, employees and the company.


High-quality products and a continual commitment to improvement form the basis of our company. We achieved this with our qualified and motivated employees, the best possible work materials and in-depth quality controls. That’s why we also invest in an exceptionally high level of vertical integration.

When it comes to developing our products, we also strive for utility value such as service life, cost-efficiency and natural energy efficiency. Hidrostal pumps boast an above-average service life and are also low-maintenance.


Sustainability and protecting the environment have been an integral part of Hidrostal’s philosophy since it was founded. This is reflected not only by our strategies and decisions as a company, but also in the values practiced by the company’s owners and employees. Hidrostal products are intended to be used for sensible purposes, to promote human health and protect the environment.

Hidrostal Quality and Environmental Policy

Our quality and environmental policy is based on the requirements of DIN ISO 9001:2015 and the EN ISO 14001:2015 standard as well as on the following aspects

Quality: The quality of our products is an important part of the foundation of our business activities. It is an important criterion for the purchase decision and forms a reliable bond to our customers.

Customer orientation: We are aware that our company's success depends on satisfied customers. Therefore, we strive to understand our customers' current and future needs, meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.

Leadership: Leaders create a match between the purpose and direction of the company. They should create and maintain the internal environment in which individuals can fully engage themselves to achieve the company's goals.

Supplier relationship: Hidrostal and its suppliers are interdependent. Good relationships for mutual benefit increase the ability of both sides to create value.

Continuous improvement: Continuous improvement of quality, customer orientation, management and supplier relations increases the overall performance of the organization and is a permanent endeavor of our company. The goal of our company is to manufacture high quality products in an environmentally friendly way. The satisfaction of our customers is at the center of our efforts to achieve a high level of quality and environmental protection. Our goal is to meet their requirements. We therefore use optimal testing methods with modern testing equipment in quality assurance.

Environmental requirements: Hidrostal takes its responsibility towards the environment very seriously and actively contributes to maintaining the ecological balance. For this purpose we consider and evaluate the environmental aspects of our activities, products and services.

Product life cycle: We assess the impact of our products over their entire life cycle, including their use, energy requirements and disposal. Hidrostal advises its customers on environmental and safety aspects.

Information: By regularly providing our employees with knowledge about environmental aspects, we create the basis for independent and creative action.

Environmental regulations: On our own initiative and responsibility we go beyond legal and official regulations and requirements. We also try to incorporate recognizable future developments in environmental legislation into our current actions.

Investments: When making investments, we decide on the best available technology, as far as the appropriateness remains guaranteed and our financial possibilities allow this. We involve our suppliers in the process of continuous improvement and further development of the environmental management system.

Hidrostal Customers

The largest share of Hidrostal’s customers operate in the municipal and industrial wastewater sector. In the 1960s, the first pumps were commissioned in Swiss water treatment plants. Since then, Hidrostal has equipped numerous pump stations and water treatment plants around the world. Depending on the respective market structure, we work directly with operators, engineering and planning offices or plant builders. Whatever form of cooperation we engage in, we are committed to optimally configuring the pump so that it operates with the best efficiency over the long term thereby achieving an optimal energy balance and long service life.

Pumps from Hidrostal are also widely used in industrial processes. In many cases, Hidrostal comes into play when the right solution for the job isn’t readily apparent. A complex pumping task can only be effectively solved if the entire system is taken into consideration. The long-standing experience and inventive genius of Hidrostal have given rise to many unconventional solutions. Since its inception, research and development work at Hidrostal have always accounted for current market requirements. 

Code of Conduct Hidrostal Group

  1. Compliance with the law

    We comply strictly with applicable laws and regulations. These form the basis for our Code of Conduct.
  2. Fair competition

    We abide by fair competition as determined by a free market economy, thereby ensuring that our work within the Hidrostal Group as well as the work of our external business partners and customers is honestly rewarded.

    We do not enter into any agreements with competitors and business partners outside the Hidrostal Group that prevent open and independent competition. In particular, we do not enter into agreements regarding resale prices, we do not abuse a dominant market position and we review any critical obligations in advance (e.g. exclusivity, non-compete obligations, joint ventures).
  3. Avoidance of conflicts of interest

    We avoid situations that might lead to a conflict between the personal and family interests of employees and the interests of the company.

    In particular, all activities that compete with the interests of the company are to be avoided. The company’s business opportunities are not used to  the personal benefit of employees.
  4. Confidentiality and data privacy

    We protect the company's confidential business, technical and financial information as it is a very valuable asset. We comply with data privacy laws and respect confidential information belonging to third parties.

    Confidential information should only be communicated within the company, and in particular to third parties only if necessary and required for commercial reasons, whereby third parties should normally sign a confidentiality agreement.

    When using the internet and e-mail in particular, special attention must be paid to confidentiality and data protection, though without blocking the exchange of information.
  5. Protection of property and know-how

    We treat company property and know-how with care and use it only for business purposes, subject to exemption by the supervisor. We protect the company's property and know-how from misuse.
  6. No bribery, no corruption

    We reject any form of active or passive bribery as well as corruption.

    We do not accept or receive any kind of favours (gifts, invitations, trips, cash, benefits, etc.) beyond customary business hospitality.

  Sponsorship and charitable donations are permitted within the framework of local rules.

  1. Environment and sustainability

    We act in such a way that any negative impact on the environment is minimized. We comply with laws and regulations in the area of environmental protection.

    We see ourselves as partners of companies that think and act sustainably. We regard the responsible and sustainable handling of economic, social and material resources as a central aspect of our work.
  2. Health and safety

    The health and safety of our employees, business partners and customers is very important to us. We comply with statutory and internal health and safety regulations.

    We strive to contain risks and take the best possible precautions to prevent accidents and occupational disease.
  3. Prohibition of child labour and compliance with youth protection regulations

    Child labour is not tolerated. No persons may be employed who are younger than 15 years (children) or below the statutory minimum age of employment in countries where this is higher than 15 years. 

    All legal restrictions regarding the employment of persons under the age of 18 (young people) must be complied with.
  4. Prohibition of discrimination and harassment

    We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on age, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

    We maintain a respectful and fair relationship with each other and with third parties.
  5. Fair working conditions

    We take our responsibility towards fair working conditions and comply with all provisions under labour law.

    We pay wages and salaries at all our locations and agencies at least in accordance with statutory or collectively agreed minimum wages.

    We adhere to the working hours stipulated by law or collective agreements.

    We offer equal hiring and training opportunities to all employees, regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability.
  6. Transparency

    We are committed to transparent action. By means of the necessary transparency, we try to identify and avoid potential conflicts at an early stage.
  7. Role model function

    As employees and in particular as superiors, we set an example in our conduct both within the company and externally. We are aware that we are perceived as a part of the company on a day-to-day basis, including all our actions and statements, and we behave accordingly.
  8. Business partners outside the Hidrostal Group

    As far as we are able to influence this, we strive that our business partners outside the Hidrostal Group, in particular customers, resellers, sales representatives, agents, etc., likewise comply with this Code of Conduct, the accompanying regulations (policies) and our other company principles.
  9. Adherence to the Code of Conduct

    The principles set out in this Code of Conduct and its accompanying policies are main elements of our business culture which all employees are committed to comply with, even if they are more rigorous than the law.

    No third parties are used to evade these rules.

    All employees are responsible for compliance with the principles, and it is the responsibility of supervisors to ensure at all times that the principles are complied with.

    Violation of these principles results in disciplinary action by the company. The nature and extent of the sanctions depend on the degree of violation.
  10. Reports, questions, comments and confidentiality

    Employees who discover violations of laws, the Code of Conduct, accompanying regulations (policies) or other company principles should contact their supervisor, the management or the Board of Directors.

    The same applies to questions or comments or if it is unclear whether a specific behaviour is permissible or not.

    All reports, questions or comments are treated confidentially. Persons who report incidents are protected. Retaliatory action against employees who report violations in good faith will not be tolerated and will be penalized accordingly.
  11. Review of the Code of Conduct

    This Code of Conduct and the accompanying regulations (policies) are reviewed at regular intervals and in case of special incidents, and they are modified as necessary. Any modifications are communicated promptly to employees and the company’s business partners.


1 January 2020
Hidrostal Holding AG

A propos d'Hidrostal

Depuis plus de 60 ans, Hidrostal produit des pompes de grande qualité et nécessitant très peu d'entretien - des petites pompes portatives pour les chantiers et les caves inondées aux pompes pour eaux usées et liquides épais dont le poids peut aller jusqu'à dix tonnes. Chez Hidrostal, nous avons à cœur de favoriser l'importance de la fabrication interne et des solutions efficaces en énergie. Nous livrons des produits spéciaux d'une grande qualité technique pour différentes branches et utilisations. Avec une pompe d'Hidrostal, vous ferez toujours durablement le bon choix.


La pompe dotée de la roue centrifuge à vis caractéristique fut inventée par le fondateur d'Hidrostal, Martin Stähle, et fut brevetée en 1961. A l'origine, cette pompe a été développée pour la pêche, afin de transporter les poissons depuis le bateau vers un traitement ultérieur en les gardant indemnes. Ce modèle de pompe a connu un grand succès et a souvent été imité après l'expiration du brevet. Depuis lors, Hidrostal n'a pas stoppé le développement de la pompe à roue à vis centrifuge et propose aujourd'hui des modèles sur mesure pour différents domaines d'application.

Votre partenaire pour les solutions de pompage

Nous disposons d'une vaste expérience dans la fabrication des pompes de grande qualité. Depuis plus de 60 ans, nous fournissons des systèmes de pompage à toutes les industries et à tous les secteurs. L'un de nos points fort réside dans le secteur des eaux usées. Nous attachons une grande importance à l'évolution et à l'adaptation de nos produits sur le lieu d'installation. Nous garantissons ainsi que nos clients bénéficient de la longue durée de vie et de l'excellente efficacité énergétique de nos pompes.

Sites Hidrostal

Le groupe Hidrostal a bénéficié d'une croissance continue lors des 60 dernières années. Elle se structure aujourd'hui en Holding avec un siège social à Neunkirch, en Suisse.

Hidrostal fabrique des pompes et des composants en Suisse, en Hongrie, en Angleterre, en Chine et au Pérou. Hidrostal exploite ses propres fonderies en Suisse et au Pérou.

Hidrostal gère ses propres sociétés de vente en Allemagne, République Tchèque, Pologne, Biélorussie, Hongrie, aux Pays-Bas, en Grande-Bretagne, au Danemark, en Suisse, en Espagne, en France, au Pérou, aux États-Unis, en Afrique du Sud et en Australie.

Les sociétés de vente s'occupent des clients de leur marché local. Elles proposent des solutions sur mesure, une assistance technique, des service et un entretien. Hidrostal emploie des spécialistes chevronnés dotés d'une grande expérience dans la conception de pompes et qui prennent en considération les conditions de fonctionnement individuelles sur le site d'exploitation. En fonction des besoins, les sociétés de vente Hidrostal livrent chacune des pompes, des pièces de rechange ou des solutions complètes incluant les dispositifs de commandes, la robinetterie, les conduites et le montage.

A côté de chacune des sociétés de vente, Hidrostal dispose aussi d'un réseau solide de partenaires de vente qui distribuent les produits Hidrostal dans les marchés sélectionnés.

Les valeurs d'Hidrostal


Hidrostal est une société indépendante et dirigée par ses propriétaires depuis sa fondation par Martin Stähle en 1957 au Pérou. Depuis toujours, Hidrostal considère que son indépendance est une condition préalable à la réalisation de ses objectifs propres et que l'auto-financement constitue la base matérielle de cette indépendance. Notre indépendance nous permet de prendre librement des décisions de gestion pour le bénéfice de nos clients, de nos employés et de l'entreprise.



Des produits de haute qualité et un effort constant d'amélioration sont les fondements de notre société. Nous y parvenons grâce à des employés qualifiés et motivés, à des matériaux de travail de qualité optimale et à des contrôles de qualité intensifs. Pour cela, nous investissons également dans un degré d'intégration élevé.

En outre, nous nous efforçons de développer nos produits de manière à maximiser leur valeur utilitaire, telle que la durée de vie, le rendement et bien entendu l'efficacité énergétique. Les pompes Hidrostal ont une durée de vie supérieure à la moyenne et nécessitent par ailleurs très peu d'entretien.


Développement durable

La protection de l'environnement et le développement durable constituent des éléments centraux de la philosophie d'Hidrostal depuis la fondation de l'entreprise. Cela se reflète non seulement dans les stratégies et les décisions de gestion prise par l'entreprise, mais fait aussi partie des valeurs fondamentales vécues par les propriétaires et les employés de la société. Les produits Hidrostal doivent être utilisés à des fins judicieuses, contribuer à la santé des personnes et à la préservation de l'environnement.

Clients Hidrostal

La plus grande partie des clients d'Hidrostal provient des secteurs municipaux et industriels du traitement des eaux usées. Dans les années 60, les premières pompes furent utilisées dans les stations d'épuration suisses. Depuis, Hidrostal a équipé de nombreuses stations de pompage et d'épuration dans le monde entier. Selon chacune des structures de marché, nous travaillons en direct avec les exploitants, les bureaux d'études et d'ingénierie ou avec les maîtres d'œuvre. Dans toute forme de collaboration, nous attachons beaucoup d'importance à l'agencement optimal de la pompe, afin qu'elle puisse fonctionner sur le long terme avec le meilleur degré d'efficacité et fournir ainsi une durée de vie prolongée et un bilan énergétique optimal.

Les pompes Hidrostal sont également souvent utilisées dans les processus industriels. Hidrostal entre souvent en scène quand la solution n'apparait pas à portée de main. Une solution de pompe complexe peut uniquement être trouvée si l'on prend en considération l'ensemble du système. La grande expérience et l'esprit d'innovation qui habitent Hidrostal ont déjà apporté de nombreuses solutions originales. Les travaux de recherche & développement d'Hidrostal s'orientent depuis le début pour répondre en permanence aux exigences du marché. 

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